Acquired Brain Injury


Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is a form of acquired brain injury (abi) , but it is not the only form of ABI. There are many other types of ABI. The ABI's listed on this page are not forms of TBI. (For examples of TBI terms, please see the Forms of TBI instead. For examples of typical "external force" situations that might produce a TBI, please see the TBI Causes page.)


Again, here are some examples of other kinds of acquired brain injuries (besides TBI):

Alcohol Causing Brain Injury.


Brain Infection.

Brain Illness.

Carbon Monoxide Causing Brain Injury.

Cerebral Aneurysm.

Chemotherapy Causing Brain Injury ("Chemo" Brain).

Drug Overdose Causing Brain Injury.

Electrocution Causing Brain Injury.


Heart Attack Causing Anoxic/Hypoxic Brain Injury.

Hemorrhagic Stroke.

Ischemic Stroke.


Near Drowning Causing Brain Injury.

Poisoning Causing Brain Injury.

Reaction to Anesthesiology in Surgery Causing Brain Injury.


Substance Abuse Causing Brain Injury.

Tick Bite (Lyme’s Disease) Causing Cognitive Impairment.

Toxic Exposure Causing Brain Injury.

Tumor in the Brain.

Vascular Disruption in Brain.


People with these diagnosis's above are not tbi survivors. They are abi survivors, though. Additionally, please note that someone can develop some of these things after and because of a TBI. For example, a brain infection can develop subsequent to and because of a TBI.


This seems to be a very confusing topic for many people and agencies, and believe me, many, many people are mixed up about it, not just TBI and/or ABI Survivors. Probably part of that is due to the fact that the "authorities" themselves are not in agreement about this topic, and there are a lot of conflicting definitions floating around. This is bad. You "authorities" - get on the same page. Reach a consensus, would you please?


There is nothing like getting an expert medical opinion. Check with your medical doctor or other medical specialist for more information, medical assessment and treatment, and referrals to medical specialists. Neurologists and neurosurgeons are medical (physician) brain specialists. You can and should ask your primary care physician for suggestions and referrals and help also.