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The Traumatic Brain Injury, also called TBI, Survivor Community:

This web site concerns itself with the worldwide TBI Survivor Community, a robost and vibrant community of individuals who have sustained some kind of traumatic brain injury. We are honoring brain injury survivor leaders here. Many people have been members of our community a long time and have worked hard on behalf of our TBI survivor community. Please see our TBI Survivor Honor Roll, which we intend to expand over time.

And we are also giving tips on how to rate web sites and online communities for people with tbi and additional forms of acquired brain injury. We are interested in encouraging, actually, demanding, safe and transparent environments for tbi survivors. We would like service providers and others who maintain brain injury web sites and communities on the Internet to be up front about why they do so. We like online sites that appear to be operated in a manner that shows that they put the interests of tbi survivors ahead of any other interest, for example, an interest in selling data to third parties about tbi survivors. As another example, we also appreciate if a web site has a good privacy policy. Please check our other pages. We hope you find them to be enlightening.


Definition: "Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor"

The phrase "traumatic brain injury survivor" (or tbi survivor for short) refers to someone who has come through his or her own traumatic brain injury event.


Information about Traumatic Brain Injury (or "TBI"):

A Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) can occur from injuries to the brain caused by an external mechanical force (physical trauma) to the head. A TBI occurs due to sudden external physical insult to the brain. A TBI is nondegenerative and noncongential. The most common forms of TBI occur due to motor vehicle accidents, falls, violence and sports injuries. Click here to look at a list of some common examples.

A TBI is a form of acquired brain injury (ABI). A TBI "is acquired" as are other forms of ABI. Other forms of ABI may occur or are caused by aneurysm, brain illness (microbe or bacterial related infections such as Meningitis , Encephalitis, and Vector Borne Diseases from mosquito bite, tic bite, etc.); brain poisoning; brain tumor; drug or additional substance overdose or adverse reaction; drug or substance abuse or addiction; near drowning; near electrocution; anoxia/hypoxia events such as heart attacks depriving the brain of oxygen stroke; etc. Click here for a list of some examples.

(By contrast, degenerative and congenital brain damage are not "acquired" forms of brain injury. And, they are not forms of TBI. Check here to see some examples of degenerative brain injury. Check here to see some examples of congenital brain damage.)

Please visit a medical website for more particulars. Also, please check with your medical authority, such as a neurologist, that is, a doctor of medicine who is a brain specialist, for expert medical assessment and treatment. Do not rely on web sites alone. Please seek prompt and competent medical help from medical experts.


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President, Brain Injury Network (1998 to present.) BIN is a national and international advocacy organization operated by and for survivors to serve the best interests of our worldwide brain injury community.