TBI Survivors and Human Rights


People with TBI have the same human rights afforded to other human beings. We have the right to:


Accommodations in society, the workplace and at school that are reasonable and necessary

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Appropriate and Accurate Diagnosis

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Ask Questions and Demand Answers and Accountability

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Assess and Evaluate Those Who Provide Services to Us

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Civil, Human and Legal Rights

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Due Process under the Law

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Fair Treatment in Our Day-to-Day Affairs

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Freedom of Movement

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Full Inclusion in Society

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Health and or Medical Care

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Independence and Independent Living

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Informed Choice Regarding Medical Treatment and Care

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Least Restrictive Living Environments

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Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

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Politically Correct Terminology Regarding Us

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Protection of Law

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"Psychotropic Free" Living Environments

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Respect and Dignity

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Self Determination in Aspirations, Goals, Life-Styles and Self Identification

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Unbiased Advocates

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Occasionally there might be situations or circumstances where we cannot be afforded the full spectrum of rights. However, whenever that happens restrictions or limitations must be only to the extent required by law or medical necessity. Any abridgement of a tbi survivor’s natural and/or legal rights must be given full scrutiny by appropriate legal authority. And ideally, often this is already the case, such as in court competency hearings. However, it is not always the case.

Our rights as human beings are being infringed upon if and when we are subjected to:

Advocates for Us Who Have a Conflict of Interest

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Invasions of Our Privacy for Patient Data Harvesting, Profit, or even out of Ignorance, Insensitivity or Negligence

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Off Label Use of Psychotropic Drugs in Nursing Homes to Keep Us Sedated

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Stealth Research Upon Us (research undertaken without our knowledge and/or informed consent)

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Substandard or Biased Medical Research

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Warehousing in Nursing Homes

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So, there is still room for additional laws, protocols and standards to protect our rights, and to insure that we are treated appropriately by society. For example, we recommend the following:


Mandated Reporter Law for College Level Employees Working with Us

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National and International Standards for College Programs Directed at Us

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Privacy Protections on the Internet

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The source of the above material is the Brain Injury Network.


(Note: There are many other websites and agencies that address disability rights concerns. But our focus is particularly on our own tbi community. And, we have indicated some articles that actually came from the advocacy and networking of the tbi survivor community itself. The reader may find additional articles, issues, legal pronouncements, topics and websites by looking up such topics as disability rights, human rights and independent living for people with brain injuries.)