TBI Causes


Here is a list some of the ways people might sustain a traumatic brain injury.  This is a list to show some types of TBI causes, but it is by no means all-inclusive. As one can see, what all of these particular brain injuries (tbi's) have in common is that they were the result of “external causation”.  There are many more examples, but these are some common scenarios. Seek a medical professional for further information.

Abused – hit by another.

Abused – thrown against wall by another.

Abused – thrown to floor by another.

Baby - was shaken.

Bicyclist – flew off bike and hit head.

Bicyclist – hit by car.

Blast (explosion).

Blunt force - object such as beer bottle or bat.

Cannot recall how (but a physical trauma event)..

Car - hit by drunk driver in another vehicle.

Car - hit by train.

Car - hit by truck.

Car - passenger in vehicle driven by drunk driver.

Car accident - driver and hit deer.

Car accident - driver and hit tree.

Car accident - driver lost control of vehicle.

Car accident - in collision with another vehicle.

Car accident - rear ended by another car.

Car collision - passenger in vehicle.

Construction item when passerby fell on head.

Crate fell on head.

Crime victim – hit by perpetrator with bottle.

Crime victim – hit by perpetrator with steel object.

Domestic violence.

Equestrian accident.

Fall - down stairs.

Fall – off horse.

Fall – off ladder.

Fall – off roof.

Fall - off street corner.

Fall – out of tree.

Fall due to other medical issue.

Fall due to seizure.

Fall from curb on street.

Fall off balcony to street below.

Fall on sidewalk.

Football - player had tbi and/or concussion.

Garage door hit head.

Heavy box at work fell on head.

Helicopter crash.

Hit – by baseball bat.

Hit - by car.

Home accident – at steps when going out the door.

Home accident – in bathroom.

Home accident – tripped over rug.

Ice skating – fell and hit head.

Knife wound.

Motorboat accident.

Motorcycle – driver and collided with another vehicle.

Motorcycle – lost control and bike went down.

Motorcycle – passenger on bike that had accident.

Motor vehicle accident.

Pedestrian – hit by car.

Pedestrian – hit by transit bus.

Pedestrian – hit by truck.

Plane crash.

Policeman due to work related injury.

Roll over of tractor.

Roll over of vehicle.

Shaken Baby.

Skateboarding – flew off of skate board.

Ski board accident.

Skiing accident.

Slip and fall in bathtub.

Slip and fall in shower.

Soldier in combat.

Sport – baseball.

Sport – bicycling.

Sport – boxing.

Sport – cheerleading.

Sport - diving (hit underwater rocks).

Sport - equestrian.

Sport – exercise.

Sport – football.

Sport – roller skating.

Sport – skateboarding.

Sport – skiing.

Sport – soccer.

Sport accident.

Suicide attempt.

Trip and fall.

Violence – abuse.

Violence – crime victim.

Violence – shaken baby.

Violence - war.

Whiplash and tbi – in rear-ended car.

Work related accident – in car.

Work related accident - in fluke accident.

Work related accident – in scooter.

Work related accident – in tractor rollover.

Work related accident – in warehouse.

There is nothing like getting an expert medical opinion. If you are relying merely on the Internet to understand brain injury, you are making a mistake. Check with your medical doctor or other medical specialist for more information, medical assessment and treatment, and referrals to medical specialists. Neurologists and neurosurgeons are medical (physician) brain specialists.